Authoring a post

To complete this assignment, you will need to publish a series of posts, and place them in the correct portion of the site. If you have not used WordPress before, a suggested way to do this:

Log in to the site using the username/password you’ve been provided, and go the “Dashboard” or administrative interface.

You can begin a new post by going to the left-hand sidebar of this interface and selecting Posts and then “Add New“.

Once in the “Add New Post” interface, you have a choice between “Visual” (or “What You See is What You Get”) or “HTML” modes. Use whichever mode you prefer. At the top of this textbox, you will be able to use shortcut buttons to make basic formatting changes, add hyperlinks, etc…

Important: before you finish your post, be sure to select and check the box that corresponds to the part of the assignment you are doing, eg. “Post 1: Observations”. If you are posting something that does not directly correspond to an assignment, select “Uncategorized”.

On the right-hand side of the interface is the “Publish” window. This will allow you to save “Draft” versions of your work (which will be saved on the server but not published on the website). When you are ready to share your work, hit the publish button and your work should be viewable on the site.

See also: Uploading and embedding images; and Tagging.

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