Post 8: Tables and Graphs

Create a blog post discussing your table or graph. Did you have any difficulties organizing, aggregating or summarizing your data? Was the outcome as you expected? Did your data reveal anything unexpected or give you any ideas for further exploration?

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One thought on “Post 8: Tables and Graphs

  1. I created 5 figures and two graphs for my project. Table 2 gave summary statistics. I did have to get R to create a table for categorical variables and one for continuous variables, otherwise it would automatically use a t test for all the data, instead of a chi-squared or fisher’s exact (which is what I wanted to categorical). I almost didn’t catch this mistake!

    The figures I created were to demonstrate the lack of correlation between my x variables and to plot the means of my univariate models stratified by tree type. I didn’t have much difficultly creating these, and the results were what I had expected.

    Although not shown in a figure, my data did surprise me in that moisture and tree distance were both significant predictor variables for ivy presence and density. Had I known this, I maybe would have expanded my study area to include non-infected trees/trees with no ivy present at the base (just like Percy suggested I do! Oh well).

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