Post 5: Design Reflections

  1. Create a blog post to discuss the collection of the initial data in Module 3. Did you have any difficulties in implementing your sampling strategy? If yes, what were these difficulties? Was the data that you collected surprising in any way? Do you plan to continue to collect data using the same technique, or do you need to modify your approach? If you will modify your approach, explain briefly how you think your modification will improve your research.
  2. Read some of the blogs done by other students in this course and look over the hypotheses that they are investigating. Please offer constructive criticism of one other student’s hypothesis. Post this feedback as a comment on their blog. Topics to consider for feedback include: is the prediction clear and falsifiable, are the pieces and patterns under investigation clearly stated, do the predictor and response variables seem easily measurable in a field setting, and are there any potentially confounding variables that the investigator should be concerned about.

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