Post 3 Field Observations

  1. My organism of study is hummingbirds.
  2. My area of study has three different gradients. It has the house, the garden, and the creek. Right now only the garden and creek have hummingbird feeders, but a third one could be hung up near the creek. It seems that the hummingbirds visit the feeder nearest the garden most often.
  3. I hypothesize that the amount of vegetation and/or human interference will influence the feeder that the hummingbirds visit most frequently. I predict that the hummingbirds will visit the feeders that are near vegetation (the garden feeder and the creek feeder) more often than the feeder next to the house.
  • Potential response variable: number of hummingbirds. This is a continuous variable.
  • Potential explanatory variable: Vegetation density in the three areas. This is a categorical variable.


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