Post 1: Urban Ecology, Observations, Introduction

Hello! I would like to base my project on urban ecology.

Designation, Size, and Location
The location is from David Avenue at Noons Creek Drive to David Avenue at Forest Park Way in the City of Port Moody. The distance of the path is 400 meters. The coordinates are 49°17’46.3″N 122°49’10.4″W to 49°17’49.4″N 122°49’30.8″W. There are two strips of urban greenway on the two sides of the road.

Time, Weather, and Season
I visited the location on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 9:00AM. It was during the summertime in Port Moody, British Columbia. The weather was sunny, and the temperature was roughly 22 degrees Celsius.

Vegetation, Animals, and Topography
There is a road with vegetation on both sides of the sidewalk. There are trees nearest to the fence of the residences. Closer to the road is a gradual decrease in the height of plants. There are dandelions, maple trees, grass, Douglas fir, shrubs, raspberry shrubs, and moss. Commonly seen animals are crows, squirrels, seagulls, dogs on leashes, robins, sparrows, and eagles. The topography is relatively flat with concrete sidewalks on both sides of the road. On this pathway, there is a bridge that bypasses the creek, which is at least 25 meters below the bridge. The slope down to the creek is very steep and treacherous. Bypass of the bridge down to the creek is strictly prohibited.

1) Are the plants placed under less stress (compared to natural environments) from herbivores due to urbanization?
2) Does temperature affect the plants?
3) What’s the species richness for this location?

Figure 1. Google Map of Study Location


Figure 2. David Avenue Road


Figure 3. David Avenue Bridge

One thought on “Post 1: Urban Ecology, Observations, Introduction

  1. a little feedback on question 1 – what would the control be (aka plants that are under stress from herbivores?) – maybe flush this out a bit more?

    Measuring species richness could be a method to use to answer a question – what might the question be?

    just throwing that out there

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