I have selected to observe the road that I live on. It is a rural road in Tarrys, BC, which is about 16 km away from Castlegar. The road spans about 2.4km or 2400 meters long. The road is a flat part of Sentinel Mountain and is between two mountains; Sentinel Mountain and Siwash Mountain. One part of the road has houses and is populated with a small community and one part of the road has no houses and is not paved and is in the forest. Because of this, the vegetation differs between the populated road and the unpopulated road. The part of the road with houses has some trees and shrubs and the part of the road with no houses is mainly forested with a dirt road in between the two sides of the forest. I went outside and walked along my road at around 2 pm on December 7th, 2017. The temperature was 1-degree Celsius and it was mostly cloudy outside. It is also winter and there is some snow on the ground. 


Three questions that are interesting or striking and could form the subject of my research project:

  1. How does a human population change what kind of animals and plants are living on the populated side of the road versus the unpopulated side? 

2. Could the human population in the area be detrimental to some but beneficial to other animals and plants?

3. There is a creek in the forested area of the road. Are there different species of plants living beside the creek and not living in other parts of the road? 

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