Galbraith Mountain is located in Washington State approximately 33 km south from the US-Canada border and approximately 5 km east of the Pacific Ocean (Bellingham Bay). It is a mountainous…..

Blog Post 1: Observations Study Area: The area chosen is in rural Saskatchewan along the Qu’Appelle River Valley outside of the town of Craven. In Figure 1, the study area…..

Blog Post 1   Area: This is Lac Du Bois grasslands, which is adjacent to Tranquille Rd. in Kamloops BC.   Physical: This area is characterized by volcanic cliffs and…..

The place I have chosen for my field research project is “Parc du Mont-Bellevue”, a park located in the city of Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships, Québec.  More specifically, my…..

The area I’ve chosen to study is the front ‘yard’ of a property in West Vancouver. This property sits on a forested slope thick with plant life, both natural growth…..

I’ve chosen to study a backyard in View Royal, B.C. It is about 200 square meters. The yard is sloped with the highest point up near the house and the…..

I have selected to observe the road that I live on. It is a rural road in Tarrys, BC, which is about 16 km away from Castlegar. The road spans…..

Blog Post #1: The area that I have chosen to study for my research project is a backyard located in North Delta, British Columbia. It is a residential area and…..