My sampling strategy was fairly straightforward, but implementing it definitely added layers of complication that I did not anticipate. I was deliberate to give the sites enough space so as…..

The sampling strategy was not difficult to implement but it was challenging to find a spot to observe that is far enough to not disturb the birds and close enough…..

I was able to do a lot of research online about collecting invertebrate samples from various sources and habitats before going out to do my first sample. This allowed me to…..

Hello! The initial data collection went very smoothly. I did not have any difficulties implementing my sampling strategy. The data was surprising because the difference between air temperature and tree…..

Blog Post #5: After conducting my third monitoring period on May 3, 2017, I realized that I needed to implement a better method to observe the bird feeder that was…..

Observation data collection method was used in the initial data collection process for the project. Through the quadrat sampling strategy, animal and plant species within the quadrats were observed, classified,…..

It was very time consuming to take the circumference measurements of each tree. However, the measurements were quite similar, and there were only a few outliners (mainly trees that were…..

I had no difficulties or surprises collecting my initial data. The results matched what I stated in my hypothesis. I used a random sampling technique in order to remove bias…..