I have created a spreadsheet with all of my randomly generated data points for both the wind measurements and samples and I have refined my technique for sampling through my…..

I have been observing 3 gardens for bird activity and am recording the number of birds and number of species present in each location. A haphazard approach was taken to…..

For this research project, I am monitoring the number of hummingbird visits to two different feeders using the point count method. The haphazard sample method was used for placing the…..

So far (20 Jun 2018) I have collected 5 samples from my 3 sample units (the lakes). In total, I have collected, separated, and counted over 560 individuals of about…..

Blog Post #6: During this research project, I monitored the number of birds frequenting bird feeders at three different locations. The locations range from an area of high amounts of…..

The study employed observation and sampling technique in the data collection process. The field activities included in data collection included identification of the study locations whereby observation and historical reports…..

I sampled seven replicates (I denoted them as subzones). I had no problems implementing my sampling design, although sometimes I had some run-ins with blackberry bushes. So far, I have…..

Create a blog post describing your field data collection activities. How many replicates did you sample? Have you had any problems implementing your sampling design? Have you noticed any ancillary…..

On May 8, 2016, from 10am to 12pm, I set up 1m x 1m quadrats with twine at numerous positions along the river. These were classified as Location #, Side…..