Blog Post 2 : Sources of Scientific information

Chaverri-Polini, A. (1998). Mountains, biodiversity and conservation. Unasylva (FAO), (= no.195), 47.


The article aims at discussing mountains, the conservation, and biodiversity concepts in the South American Cascade Mountain Ranges. Although the author provides some first-hand information regarding the concepts, the article is classified as a secondary source to the data and information used are derived from previous research. The article provides relevant and necessary information that provides a strong source of scientific information for the project. Per the author, the biodiversity and mountains are essential concepts not only to the biology scholars but all other sciences. The author discusses climate, weather, animal and plant species and the conservation of life all based on the mountain regions specifically Cascade Mountain. Additionally, having been in the region the information from the article is important in enhancing the research as well as providing wider view and knowledge on the target aspects of the research.

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