Blog 9 Maple Field Research Reflections

Hello everyone!

This ecological project has been a very interesting and exciting journey. I learned a lot of new things and applied the information into producing this project. I learned that it is important to pay attention to the patterns and pieces of the environment, and how the environment relates into human wellness –conservation. The bridging between air (physical) to tree bark (biological) demonstrates the abiotic-biotic relationship of ecology. Taking this association, the concept can be further applied to tree conservation and protection from wildfires. Noticing the simple observation that wildfires first contact the tree bark and leaves, lead to the question of how temperature varies between tree bark and air.

I did not have any issues with the implementation or had to make changes to my experimental design. The field experiment went well and carrying it out was smooth. The results supported by hypothesis and predictions. Doing the field research project and practicing ecological procedures was very informative for developing my appreciation of ecological theory.

I learned that collecting ecological data is hard work, and punctuality when collecting information is very important. Ecologists and scientists work very hard to conduct experiments and produce scientific articles and reports –contributing knowledge to further the field of ecology. Ecology is not just a scientific field. It determines the health of Earth, ecosystems, species, resources, and humans. Ecological research and studies provide the basis for conservation and protection methods for maintaining the prosperity of Earthly natural resources for the future.

This project has been a very good experience. I really enjoyed the online blog communications with everyone!


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