Blog #9

I believe I carried out my field experiment well.  It was difficult at times when it was extremely cold, staying outside for 10 minutes at a time was challenging so occasionally I had to adapt, such as counting birds through a window (because -30C is too cold to stand outside for long periods of time).  Creating an implementing an ecological field experiment was not easy.  I did find it more challenging at times since it was during the winter.  I have defiantly gained an appreciation for how ecological theory is developed through this course.  There is a lot of work that has to go into an ecological study and many variables which can impact or change the study as it progresses.  One thing that I have learned is that an ecological study may not go quite as planned and adjustments and adaptations may have to be made throughout the study.  I have also learned that the outcome is not always as hypothesized.  For example, I had hypothesized and conducted research and determined that it would be likely that the birds in my study would prefer to feed in sheltered areas.  The outcome of my study was the opposite, birds seemed to prefer to feed in the clearing.  From this I have learned to expect the unexpended during an ecological study.

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