Blog 7 Maple Theoretical Basis

The bark of trees offers protection of the tree core from temperature related stress. Without the bark, the air temperature could more directly penetrate the core of the tree. The biotic component of this study is the tree bark. The abiotic component of this study is air temperature. The goal of the study is to investigate how much the difference between air temperature and the surface temperature of the bark varies. This was a natural experiment.

The tree bark is the outer covering of the tree, along with the leaves. During the summer months, when temperature is high the trees become easily flammable –applications to tree wildfires. The only exposed surfaces of the tree are the bark and leaves. Investigation of the variation of the bark to air temperature sheds light on future directions of ecological conservation of trees and study directions.

Hence, the ecological process is heat transfer, specifically from air temperature (gas) to the tree bark surface (solidified biological tree bark tissue).

I would think of these three key words for my project: air temperature, tree bark, and wildfire.

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