After conducting my study and writing the report, I realized that there were a lot of other factors that influenced my results. A couple of these factors were amount of…..

For this research project, I am monitoring the number of hummingbird visits to two different feeders using the point count method. The haphazard sample method was used for placing the…..

The sampling strategy was not difficult to implement but it was challenging to find a spot to observe that is far enough to not disturb the birds and close enough…..

Area Systematic Sampling: Time: 12 hrs 37 min Sampling error for most common: 11.5% (Eastern Hemlock) and 21.7% (Sweet Birch) Sampling error for rarest: 90.5% (White Pine) and 100% (Striped…..

My organism of study is hummingbirds. My area of study has three different gradients. It has the house, the garden, and the creek. Right now only the garden and creek…..

a) The source I have chosen is: Hazlehurst, J.A., and Karubian, J.O. 2018. Impacts of nectar robbing on the foraging ecology of a territorial hummingbird. Behavioural Processes 149: 27-34. doi:…..

I’ve chosen to study a backyard in View Royal, B.C. It is about 200 square meters. The yard is sloped with the highest point up near the house and the…..