After finishing this course and my study, I came to truly appreciate just how detailed the study of ecology is. Professionals must go to great lengths to ensure their experimental…..

I am not very practiced in creating tables and graphs, so I kept mine as simple as possible. It displays the data that I collected and am analyzing, so I…..

My research is focused on the impact that human activity has on bird diversity in urban gardens. This research on habitat in human developed landscapes contributes to the vast study…..

I have been observing 3 gardens for bird activity and am recording the number of birds and number of species present in each location. A haphazard approach was taken to…..

My sampling strategy was fairly straightforward, but implementing it definitely added layers of complication that I did not anticipate. I was deliberate to give the sites enough space so as…..

For this research project, I am monitoring the number of hummingbird visits to two different feeders using the point count method. The haphazard sample method was used for placing the…..

Which techniques is the most efficient in terms of time spent sampling? The Haphazard sampling technique took the least amount of time, but the difference is very low, at only…..

Since my last two blog posts, I shifted my focus to the birds present in different parts of the yard in West Vancouver. After spending considerable time at my observation…..