I actually really enjoy using spreadsheets to look at and analyze data. My data was organized in a spreadsheet by sample number. I had to take the data and connect…..

Species richness of aquatic invertebrate is controlled by various processes including dispersal, competition, environmental effects, and disturbances. Species richness of aquatic invertebrate in water bodies can reflect an environmental change…..

So far (20 Jun 2018) I have collected 5 samples from my 3 sample units (the lakes). In total, I have collected, separated, and counted over 560 individuals of about…..

I was able to do a lot of research online about collecting invertebrate samples from various sources and habitats before going out to do my first sample. This allowed me to…..

Which technique had the fastest estimated sampling time? The Systematic sampling method has the fastest sampling time at 12 hours and 6 minutes. Only around 30 minutes faster than the…..

Source Selected: Population Ecology of Caribou in British Columbia found at http://septentrio.uit.no/index.php/rangifer/article/view/1223. Academic Peer-Reviewed Review Material Academic: The article has multiple in-text citations, such as; “[…] the mountain ecotype and…..