Post 9:

Blog Post #9: After conducting this study, I realized that there are a number of other factors that could have affected my results such as predation and competition. Reflecting back…..

Blog Post #1: The area that I have chosen to study for my research project is a backyard located in North Delta, British Columbia. It is a residential area and…..

Blog Post #8: The type of analytical framework that I used to statistically investigate my data was a contingency table since the variables recorded were point counts. I produced a…..

Blog Post #6: During this research project, I monitored the number of birds frequenting bird feeders at three different locations. The locations range from an area of high amounts of…..

Blog Post #5: After conducting my third monitoring period on May 3, 2017, I realized that I needed to implement a better method to observe the bird feeder that was…..