Three sampling methods were used to capture the relative density of different tree species in a forest community. 1. Sampling along a topographic gradient proved for the most consistent results…..

I have spent 3 days observing three locations. One hour each day for each location. I chose to focus on bird species and where they are most likely to be…..

Monday May 30th 2016 7:36pm 23 degrees with sunny breaks. My selected site for observation is Marita Payne Park, more specifically the Marita Payne Pond and surrounding banks within the…..

The data that I collected was quite straightforward so I didn’t have any issues organizing and summarizing it. The outcome isn’t as definitive as I had expected it to be……

The Systematic sampling scheme had the fastest estimated sampling time. The accuracy did changed with species abundance; the accuracy increased when the species abundance increased, and also the accuracy decrease…..