The site I have chosen to observe is a pond in a greater Vancouver regional park. The pond is approximately 500 meters long and 100 meters wide. It is surrounded by…..

Some difficulties I ran into while collecting my initial field data of clam species were: -Windy weather conditions. My papers were blowing everywhere while drawing out sampling map. -The intertidal…..

I would say I am someone who usually does well constructing tables and graphs, as have done so for many lab reports and papers in the past.  I did find…..

Yes, I did have difficulties implanting my sampling strategy. Since I am sampling quality and how many blackberries there are, it extremely difficult to get the same size of area…..

  Within the virtual forest program, I practiced three sampling strategies, choosing the Snyder-Middleswarth Natural Area and the area-based method.  These strategies were: systematic; random; and (haphazard) subjective sampling. Although….. Ecology and conservation of avian insectivores of the rainforest understory: A pantropical perspective. Luke L. Powella , Norbert J. Cordeiroc, and Jeffrey A. Stratforda. I found the article online…..