I truly enjoyed this field research project. It involved  a great deal of work and sampling. However, I learned a lot about different sampling  techniques and data analysis. This is…..

My research paper mainly examines the effect of soil moisture on the abundance of  plant “x”. The main prediction of my hypothesis is that  moist soil will have a larger…..

I have experienced some difficulties while choosing a graph to organize my data. I finally decided to include a graph summarizing the average densities of plant “x” over different ranges…..

Data collection has been completed, in total, 10 replicates were sampled, and each sample comprised of 4 quadrants moving linearly out perpendicular to the trail.  The quadrants were sampled at…..

The field experiment was carried out very successfully. My results proved my prediction that the essential growth conditions of Cattail (Typha latifolia) must be water environments with low water depth…..

I made a scatter graph with a predictor variable (water level) on the x-axis, and incidence of cattails (Typha latifolia) in each transect on the y-axis showing the distribution of…..

My research mainly focuses on the environmental factors (mainly abiotic factors) that physically influence the abundance of cattails (Typha latifolia). Besides, my research also involves competition as this species is…..

The field research was done in mid-November. In my research, eight water sites ranging from rivers to marsh sites were chosen to comprehensively refelct the water conditions available in Ottawa-Gatineau…..