Create a blog post discussing your table or graph. Did you have any difficulties organizing, aggregating or summarizing your data? Was the outcome as you expected? Did your data reveal…..

Create a blog post where you briefly discuss the theoretical basis of your research project. What ecological processes might your hypothesis touch on? For example, in the buttercup sampling videos,…..

Create a blog post describing your field data collection activities. How many replicates did you sample? Have you had any problems implementing your sampling design? Have you noticed any ancillary…..

Create a blog post to discuss the collection of the initial data in Module 3. Did you have any difficulties in implementing your sampling strategy? If yes, what were these…..

Create a blog post describing the results of the three sampling strategies you used in the virtual forest tutorial. Which technique had the fastest estimated sampling time? Compare the percentage…..

Create a blog post to document your ongoing field observations. Supplement your blog entry with scanned or uploaded examples from you field journal. Specific points you need to cover are:…..

  Your initial post will describe the area that you have selected to observe. Give a brief physical description of the study area. Include its approximate size and location, and…..