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Spring Black Bear

photo by Nancy Elliot, copyright. Spring Black Bear, British Columbia

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This site is intended to give students in this course a space to document progress through their field research projects.

If you are enrolled in the course, there should be more information in the main course instructions.

On the left hand side of the site are links to a few tutorials on the essentials of using this site and completing the assignment.  You can explore student work via navigation on the right. “Categories” are organized by assignment, and “Tags” are organized by subject matter. We look forward to seeing how this site will grow as more students make their way through the course.


Students are expected to complete the following for their projects:

Post 1: Observations

Post 2: Sources of Scientific Information

Post 3: Ongoing Field Observations

Post 4: Sampling Strategies

Post 5: Design Reflections

Post 6: Data Collection

Post 7: Theoretical Perspectives

Post 8: Tables and Graphs

Post 9: Field Research Reflections

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